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How to Buy Gran-sorb is available worldwide through authorized Gran-sorb distributors and private label partners. Contact us to find out where and how to buy Gran-sorb close to you.
Absorbency Gran-sorb’s absorbency ratio is 1:1 (weight to weight). Gran-sorb will absorb its own weight in oil; 30 lbs. of Gran-sorb will absorb 30 lbs. of oil, or about 4 gallons of oil.
Bulk Density Gran-sorb has a bulk density of 32-36 lbs. per cubic foot.
Packaging Gran-sorb industrial absorbent is packaged in 30 lb. poly bags. - 65 bags per pallet
Shipment All Gran-sorb shipments are F.O.B. Green Bay, Wisconsin USA or F.C.A. for international shipments.

pdf20.png Gran-sorb Absorbent SDS Sheet

pdf20.png Gran-sorb Absorbent Suggested Applications List

pdf20.png Gran-sorb Absorbent Partial List of Solvents

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